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Talking Business.

Making connections
Talking business

We established this community because we believe in the power of together. We think that in addition to the material  academic education provides, it is necessary to gain practical tools. We hope to enrich our members with the most relevant, interesting and precise information about today's business world.

Our plan of action:

Lectures- We will bring interesting and bold characters who will inspire us with their unique career and experience. 

Various Clubs-  Real estate, Financial markets, Female entrepreneurship -you name it!

Each club will provide an in-depth look at diffrent aspect of the business world, while introducing you with like-minded people to share your passions with.

Making connections

One of the greatest assets of studying in a well-known institute such as the Hebrew University is the quality of its members.

We wish to take advantage of that attribute to build a network that serves its members in their future professional path from recruiting a new data analyst, to finding a new partner for a lean start-up.

We seek to build a diverse community, that allows each member's unique value to shine.


Every great idea needs a place to flourish and every brilliant mind needs partners. Our community brings together people who want to create, innovate and lead the business world of tomorrow.  

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